Visiting the Gold Mines & Exploring Community – Morgan Hessel

Emily and Morgan in the Gold Mine

On our first full day in Las Juntas was a long one but we learned a lot about the town and the people.  We started our day off by taking taxis to las minas (the mines).  We then split up into two groups and went through the mines for a tour!  Our tour guide, Bernie was a miner and was able to teach us all about the different levels of the mines as we went in about 200km.  On our way out of the mines, we passed by a natural spring and Bernie explained that there was an old mining tradition behind the spring.  As we each passed by, we had the chance to touch the water and thank god that we were able to get out safely just as the miners do!

After a lunch of rice and beans at Chayito, we all geared up and went for a walking tour around Las Juntas with Carlos and Elieth.  We saw a lot of important locations around the town including the church, the oldest house in the town and a local elementary school.  It was really interesting to see the town from a local’s point of view.  Now that we know where a lot of the cool places are around town, we are excited to continue exploring!

Hasta lugeo familia y amigos

-Morgan Hessel