Rio Tempisque, Crocodiles, and Hydroponics – Svati Zaveri

On Thursday, we started off our morning with a boat tour along the Rio Tempisque. Even though the water wasn’t the clearest, the view of the mountains was absolutely breathtaking. We had the opportunity to see different species of birds rest on the shore of the islands around us. We also saw two crocodiles! On our way back to the bus, some of us bought flavored ices from a local vendor to cool down. 

Rio Tempisque in Guanacaste Costa Rica
Cruising the Rio Tempisque

 Before lunch we visited the Women’s Co-op Hydroponic Plant. At this plant, a group of 8 women in Abangares work together to grow different herbs and produce. It was incredible to see how much the community supports women in the workforce. Cemex, the company that supports the co-op, provides housing for the families of the women who work there and private schooling for their children. Additionally, the women are able to directly sell their produce to the Abangares community every Thursday so they can earn a living for themselves and their families.

-Svati Zaveri

Women’s Hydroponic Group

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