Me llamo Queso – Annie Kennedy

Hola! On Saturday, May 27th, we began our small trip from Las Juntas to Monteverde. The night before we spent some time discussing our first impressions/thoughts about the trip so far. While Las Juntas and Monteverde are both in Costa Rica, they cannot be compared in terms of how they operate or function. Las Juntas isn’t the first place a typical tourist would travel to. On the contrary, Monteverde is an area that is accessed by many people all over the world. It is a place that accommodates those that only speak English. I really appreciated being exposed to both ends of the spectrum because I feel not many people who travel from the United States to Costa Rica get to see how both kinds of communities operate. The road to Monteverde is not long and should have only taken us about 30 minutes, however, it ended up taking close to an hour and a half due to the lack of unpaved condition. Along this road, we stopped for a caffeine pick-me-up at this quaint coffee shop overlooking the mountains. Upon our arrival, we checked into our cabins and were off to lunch and then the Cloud Forest Reserve! As a group, we were exposed to so many different kinds of wildlife and vegetation. My favorite was the white-faced monkey. After our small walk through the forest, we were able to see the hummingbird garden and yet another caffeine pick-me-up. I don’t want to leave this beautiful place. Now that I’ve actually tasted the best coffee in the entire world, I’m not sure I want to come home. I would 100% stay here for the coffee. P.s. Shout out to my wonderful parents who celebrated their 27th anniversary today! Pura Vida


One last note: Me llamo queso.

“Queso” in Montaverde

Annie Kennedy