Magical Morning in the Cloud Forest – Allie Mirsky

Day five was magical to say the least. Coming from humid and hot Las Juntas, the cool misty air in the Monteverde mountains was embraced by us all. The bus ride up to the biological reserve was quite scary for some people as the bus drove around tight bends and turns while the cliff was at the edge next to us. But don’t worry, we got to the reserve safe and sound! There we met Oscar, our eco-tour guide. He was a gem full of brilliant bird calls and skills in spotting wildlife and most excitingly the endemic Quetzal! During the hike, we had to be extremely quiet and listened for the bird calls and sounds of nature. Looking through Oscar’s lens we had up-close views of Howler monkeys, hummingbirds, a Tucan, and even a giant snail! The hike was an adventure, to get to a bridge we marched through mud and got ourselves a little down and dirty but it brought us to a spectacular view: a bridge that overlooked the canopy of green fauna below us.  It was amazing to learn that the cloud forest we were walking through contains 2.5% of all of earths biodiversity. This fact surprised me but it only reinforced the notion of how important preserving biological reserves is. After the hike we went to a gift

and coffee shop down the road where hummingbirds zoomed around us feeding on the sugar water hanging at the entrances. Such a close encounter with these tiny, colorful creatures was awe inspiring. I feel blessed I got the chance to experience such beauty.

After the shopping we went to our lodge which was located on a farm and overlooked the mountains of Monteverde. There were horses, goats, cows, chickens, and even pigs which we hadn’t seen this trip yet. Monteverde crowns itself as sustainable and rightly so. The owner of the lodge even used the waste from the cows to fuel his cooking. This made me think if a town like Monteverde can incorporate sustainable practices then more towns should follow their lead. After taking lots of selfies and exploring the grounds we enjoyed a great Italian dinner. Lots of laughing and relaxing, it really felt like a little oasis. During the dinner, I felt like everything was connecting into one and we all enjoyed eachothers company. Overall, day five was the best day yet and I look forward to the rest of the adventure.

😊Allie Mirsky

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