Greetings From Las Juntas – Emily Davidson

Greetings from Las Juntas! After a smooth first international flight experience for me, our class has successfully visited and toured a gold mine and the beautiful town of Las Juntas.

My first impressions of Las Juntas included how developed yet how different it is from the United States. As I tour the town, I have the familiar sights of schools, churches, delicious restaurants, and a gym. As someone who has never traveled internationally before, my “culture shock” consisted mainly of how developed and beautiful this town is, but still distinct from the world I know. The occupations vary extensively, as the people making their living off of goldmining amazed me, while I also met bank tellers when I exchanged currency. Regardless of the differences I’ve encountered, I still feel so comfortable here and so welcomed by all of the friendly and warm dispositions of the people I’ve met. I’ve already made a mental note how imperative it is for me to return to Costa Rica someday.

I’m particularly am excited for starting up our research projects, as I passed the clinic on our tour of the town, and the future trip to Monte Verde. It’s been a wonderful first day and I’m so excited for the rest of this trip.

Sun setting as we approached San Jose by Air


Las Juntas Street Scene
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