A break from our work: Waterfalls, Hot Springs, and Mud – Jordan Steinroeder and Rachel Szachara

Today we traveled to the volcanic region in Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja  for a much needed one day vacation from our hard work. On the way to the hotel our bus took a pit stop at a large waterfall where we were able to swim and of course take a scenic photoshoot in front of the falling water. After a refreshing swim there, we continued to our destination Hotel Hacienda Gauchipelín in Rincón de la Vieja. Once we arrived, our class was greeted with a marimba player and delicious pineapple drinks. While our rooms were being prepared we spent time tanning by the pool and eating a buffet lunch in the restaurant. Having a variety of foods to choose from other than our usual rice and beans was a fantastic change. After a filling lunch, we were able to check into our room, unpack, and prepare for the rest of the day’s adventures.

After, we went to visit another waterfall and an area with volcanic activity. To get to the second waterfall we hiked through the rain-forest. Here we were able to jump of a short cliff into a beautiful pool of clear water at the bottom of the waterfall as well as go swimming. After the waterfall we traveled a short way to hike through the forest again to volcanic mud baths and hot springs. At the site, we were able to use the volcanic mud as a skin mask. After letting it dry and rinsing off in the river, we swam in natural hot springs. The water was so warm and blue, it’s incredible to think that something like that occurs naturally. That night we came back to the hotel for a buffet dinner and hung out playing cards until we were ready to sleep (on real beds!)
-Jordan  Steinroeder and Rachel Szachara