To Monteverde – Jennifer Sanchez and Caroline Eby

We started our day with rice, beans, avocadoes, and eggs at Chayito’s and ended it with a game of trivia at a pizzeria

The day began with sticky heat as we piled onto a bus set to take us to the green mountains of Monteverde. The ride was short but filled with excitement. Many had to refrain from looking at the steep drop surrounding us. A few stops along the way provided us with comfort. We enjoyed the views of the Gulf of Nicoya while we pet a kitten and learned interesting facts about the avocado tree.

We were all relieved when we arrived to Monteverde. Once we settled into our new home away from home, our next stop was lunch. There we met our guide for the day, Oscar. Once we were well fed we entered Monteverde’s cloud forest.

We huddled into a small room to escape the heavy rain while Oscar gave us a presentation about the Monteverde cloud reserve. He informed us about the history of the cloud forest, the species we would see, and the unique nature of the reserve. From there we went to the hummingbird house, where we were swarmed with dozens of brightly colored hummingbirds.

Once the rain slowed down, we finally entered the forest. Quickly we ran into the Quetzal, a bird only found in the Monteverde cloud forest. Oscar’s excitement was infectious as we gathered around the telescope to get a better look at this beautifully colored bird. We still had several other animals to look for in the forest as we continued on the trail. We noticed rustling in the trees above us and saw a family of spider monkeys. We watched for a few minutes as they swung from tree to tree.  Oscar led us to a waterfall deep within the forest. There we took many photos, some more creative than others.

After several hours, we decided it was time to head back, but we were interrupted by an Anteater. Oscar has been working as a guide for many years and this was his first Anteater spotting. It was a wonderful experience to share that moment with Oscar.

The next stop on our adventure, was a delicious Costa Rican dinner. It was a dinner filled with conversations that made us all closer. Then it was time for Costa Rican trivia! Everyone was a winner! -Caroline and Jenny