Bienvenido Muhlenberg 2019 – Michael Albdewi

After a long time waiting on the security line, we all ended up meeting at our flight’s gate about 2 hours prior to our flight. At the gate, everyone was asked to explain their feelings towards the trip in one word (the one exception to this was Josh’s “totally stoked dude”), here are the results: 

Jill: Fruity 

Josh: Totally stoked dude

Jeff: Hungry 

Jenny: Tired 

Sydney: Confused

Taj (Carmelito): Humbled 

Don Ricardo: Liberating 

Ben: Unfit 

Carol Ann: Excited 

Caroline: Adventurous 

Cristo Ball (tentative): Juiced 

Megan: Carefree

Andrea: “Excitapated”

Gi: Enthusiastic 

Morgan: Nervous

Hannah: Psyched 

Elise: Um 

Sydney C: Happy 

Ariana: Ready 

Tatiana: Reminiscent

After boarding and taxiing, it seems that our plane is about to takeoff until the pilot turns us back stating that “one of the overhead compartments isn’t closing, and I don’t have tape.” Thus, we unwillingly headed back to the terminal for 3 men to try to tape an overhead compartment closed, this process took an hour. When Andrea, Jill, Caroline, and Ben were asked their thoughts on the delay, this is what they said:

Andrea: I’m just hoping I don’t get stuck over night in Houston again 

Caroline: Um, someone should’ve brought tape

Jill: I’m quite disappointed in United Airlines. I hope this will be a quick fix and we will get to Costa Rica on time.

Ben: I spent money on a movie I’m watching now for free (an unorthodox response) 

We eventually make it to Houston where our two professors (Dr. Niesenbaum and Dr. Borick) ditched us for the United Club. During this time, the students bonded over food from the airport. While waiting at the gate, we all played the phone game Heads Up, Dr. Niesenbaum even participated and did quite well. 

After waiting longer than expected for the next flight, we were informed that there was another delay due to passengers on a connecting flight from Los Angeles being delayed. On this flight, Dr. Borick made friends with two college students from California who said they were doing research with a sports company, Hurley, on the science behind surfing.

Astonishingly, there was a Muhlenberg graduate (class of 2012) sitting in front of us on the flight! 

We finally arrived in Costa Rica with a warm welcome from Carlos. The bus ride was great and seeing Las Juntas at night excited everybody for the week to come.

Although the day was filled mostly with travel, we all went to sleep excited for the next morning and the trip ahead. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this is going to be a great adventure!